My Garden Journal Series

"My Garden Journal" is a 12 parts series.
Each of the designs are perfect to stitch alone
but they are special when stitched together or
combine them to create a scrapbook journal.
The chart for the cover of "My Garden Journal" is a freebie.
You can download it here.

Stitch count for each individual designs is
125 width by 74 height and all parts are
measured the same size. 

Approximate finished stitching area for individual designs:
28 count ~ 8 7/8 inches width by 5 1/4 inches height
32 count ~ 7 7/8 inches width by 4 5/8 inches height
36 count ~ 7 inches width by 4 1/8 inches height
40 count ~ 6 1/4 inches width by 3 3/4 inches height

If you decide to stitch the entire Garden Journal in a group design,
it will have a stitch count of 379 width by 302 height.

Approximate finished stitching area for group design:
32 count ~ 23 3/4 inches width by 18 7/8 inches height
36 count ~ 21 inches width by 16 3/4 inches height
40 count ~ 19 inches width by 15 1/8 inches height

Horizontally, they are 3 parts of design flow one into the next,
there are two stitches in between each part.
Vertically, there are four rows and
skipping two stitches in between each row.